Great cab, great price
Chateuneuf du Vedeau
Cool School
Chill, Portuguese Style
I Foresee Chardonnay...


Scotch on a roll

"Brown spirits, including whisky, are very much in vogue," says James Buchanan of Buchanan's Chop House & Whisky Bar in Calgary. Rougher American whiskey gets the hipster attention, but more refined single malt scotches are also growing in popularity (and sales). 


Vintages Release Includes *Scandal*


OK, it was mostly confined to a few dozen tweets and blog entries, but still... commentators weighed in from across Canada. Find out more about the Bachelder Tartrate Scandal. And also, of course, about some great wines out February 18.



Sweet Sensation


It's the 17th annual Niagara Icewine Festival this month and of course you know and love icewine. But have you ever thought of having icewine with dinner instead of dessert? There's a new trend worth looking into: pairing icewines with meaty and other savoury dishes.


Bubbles Roundup


It's the festive season and, even though I encourage sparkling all year long, now's the time you really must buy some. Here are a few suggestions, including a couple of good local rose sparklers. 



Some brand new Latin phrasing graces the newest “herald” in Canada. The Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Ontario Wines has taken BC’s wine award initiative started a few years ago, brought it east and pumped up the pomp.


Mondo Mondavi - Margrit Comes to Town


Most octogenarians are content to sit in a rocking chair and maybe visit their grandchildren, but not Margrit Mondavi: “I just love to meet people,” she said. Master of Wine Mark De Vere was also there to talk about the fine Mondavi Reserve wines.


Move Over Movember, It's Nouvember

For good reasons, the launch of Beaujolais Nouveau happens with a lot less hoopla than 10-20 years ago. But producers still maintain an embargo on sales before November 17. I got to taste them - and can advise on which of the light and simple wines to get for your party. And it's not just Beaujolais either - there are nouveaus from elsewhere in France, Italy and heck, even Ontario.


Raising The Bar

With a level of enthusiasm that would raise eyebrows even among sailors of yore, Canadians continue to lift their glasses – and there’s serious cash on the table. Nationwide, alcohol sales in 2010 were just shy of $20 billion. Beer, wine and spirits all saw higher sales.



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