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Wine Links

John Szabo

Canada's first Master Sommelier goes from strength to strength - he  won the 2009 Wine Journalism Award at the Ontario Wine Awards. He writes for Wine Access, among others, and has a blog on WineAlign.

Tony Aspler

The original "wine guy", Tony Aspler knows the wine business inside out - indeed he was awarded the Order of Canada for his contribution to the development of the wine industry in this country.

Check out Tony's website.

David Lawrason

With over a quarter century of experience writing about wine and deep knowlege of the wines of Ontario (and, frankly, every other wine region in the world), David Lawrason has a site that's worth a look. He's got up-to-date Vintages release reviews too.

Visit David Lawrason's site.

Eric Asimov - The Pour

Eric Asimov boldly goes where a few wine writers have gone before, but he does so with panache. He is part of an NYT blogroll called Diner's Journal. That's a jumbled mess, but this link lists Asimov's latest entries - useful if you don't care to hear about cool places in Brooklyn to find authentic pho or empanadas, or glittering Manhattan scene spots, fun though they might be to visit...

View his NY Times-hosted blog.

Wine Anorak - Jamie Goode

"Anorak" is a UK term for a sort of parka, but it's also a derogatory term covering much the same turf as "geek". Goode's blog contains a lot of well observed "here's a wine I just tried" entries plus a smattering of personal details - like an entry on taking his son to the AC/DC concert.

Check out Jamie's very blog-style blog.

Gang of Pour

This Detroit-based site is a visual mess, but it's well written, fun and has some solid wine reviewing. They even boast of having a "token Canadian correspondent", so there are updates on Niagara & southern Ont.

Visit the Gang of Pour.


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