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Pinot grigio beats chardonnay!

Well, not in my wine cellar that's for sure, but the continued growth of the crowd-pleasing white from Italy - and now just about everywhere else - means it has now taken the number one spot in white wine sales in Ontario, slightly nudging out the usual favourite, chardonnay.

In my Bar Report for Foodservice and Hospitality magazine, I look at wine trends in Canadian restaurants  - California cabs remain big in reds, as does malbec. In spirits, gin is (still) in and spiced dark offerings are jazzing up the moribund rum category. Whiskies, especially American ones, are also still doing well. 

Craft beer continues its upward march even as the beer category as a whole declined last year.

And your spirits tip for 2015: Mezcal from Mexico - the cool kids on the west coast are boosting its so far modest sales in Canada. It's made from agave, like tequila, and different parts of Mexico make it in different styles. This is the Mexican spirit that can sometimes include a worm, and it's got a long history.  

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