Recruitment advertising in Britain has always been more adventurous and British employers are willing to pay more money for bigger ads to lure the talent they want. I like the fact that those UK attitudes created the opportunity for me to have fun helping employers to get the best talent for their teams.

Here are a few examples of projects I've worked on:


Britain's Tax Inspectorate commissioned a booklet outlining the career path for graduates. The inspectors I interviewed admitted that one of the joys of their work was that they could snoop at the finances of other people, especially rich ones. They liked the subtle way I signalled this in the text.

This played on the Cardiff location for British Gas programming jobs. Wales was historically the repository of many English fears - including fears of dragons lurking in its dark hills...
One of the art directors found this image and insisted one of the writers use it. Thankfully the Tax Inspectorate jobs on offer required employees to "balance" priorities. So it worked.
This reference to the 1958 hit song by Bobby Troup celebrating US Route 66 was well and truly dated even when I came up with this UK riff. But some guy at BG green-lighted it in order to lure programmers to lower-than-market-salary positions in Surrey.